PS4 Exclusive Death End re;Quest Delayed; Free Bikini DLC Promised as Apology

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Today Compile Heart announced that its upcoming PS4 exclusive JRPG Death End re;Quest has been hit by a delay.

The game was supposed to release in Japan on March 1st, but it will instead come a bit over a month later, on April 12th.

While the press release included an apology for the delay, it did not mention a reason, even if it’s likely that the game simply needed more time in the oven.

As a more tangible form of apology, the developer promised that the S-rank reward for its pre-order campaign which was not unlocked before the January 31st deadline, will be provided to all customers for free.

The DLC includes a set of bikinis for the game’s heroines, and you can see what they look like in the illustration below. If you want to see more, you can enjoy the latest trailersome recent screenshotsthe charming opening cutscene, another gameplay trailer an additional trailer showing more gameplay, a batch of artwork featuring the game’s waifus and their sexy glitch style, a gallery of screenshots showing more characters and mechanics, an older batch of screenshots with the same focus, and even more images.

Death end re;Quest has not been announced for the west just yet. Being a game by Compile Heart, a localization from Idea Factory International is a likely possibility.


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