Predator is Coming to Ghost Recon Wildlands Tomorrow in Free DLC

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In what is perhaps one of the strangest and most unexpected crossovers in recent memory, Ubisoft announced today that the Predator — from the Predator film franchise — will be arriving in Ghost Recon Wildlands in a new special event beginning tomorrow.

Starting on December 14 and going through early January, players will be able to try and hunt down and defeat the Predator either by themselves or with three other friends. If you are able to take down the skilled hunter, you’ll be rewarded with exclusive items such as the Predator mask, which, of course, contains the classic Predator vision.

In addition to this, players in Ghost Recon Wildlands can purchase the Predator Pack to unlock fifteen new customization items inspired by the original movie. Some of these include new weapons as well as a new close combat move. The Ghost War PVP mode within Ghost Recon Wildlands will also see a Predator related update as a new character class inspired by Dutch — Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character from Predator — will become available.

If you want to try and wrap your head around how all of this will work, you can watch the video below which shows the Predator in action along with a variety of the new items that players will be able to unlock. While this DLC is definitely a strange one for Ghost Recon Wildlands, it seems like a ton of fun and should provide for some exciting thrills. Ghost Recon Wildlands is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC

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