Polish Action-Platformer Castle of Heart Coming Exclusively to Nintendo Switch

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Ever since its launch in March of 2017, the Nintendo Switch’s eShop has become a haven for indie games of any genre whether they are exclusive or just a port. Polish indie developer 7Levels is adding yet another exclusive to the pile with their interesting 2D platformer Castle of Heart, which will be releasing exclusively on the system sometime during Q1 2018.

Clearly taking inspiration from titles like Castlevania and Dark Souls, Castle of Heart is a 2D action-platformer set in a world based on Slavic mythology. A curse is put on the player by an evil wizard that turns them to stone. This curse means that the player’s health is constantly draining (you can even lose one of your limbs), but the knight’s body can be replenished by killing enemies and finding items in the game’s environment.

Castle of Heart is set to include twenty different levels spread across four different environments and should take players around seven hours to beat, according to the game’s developers. Across these levels, players will have access to a variety of short and long-range weapons and magic, along with a trusty dodge roll to get out of tricky situations.

As the game is a Switch exclusive, it will also take advantage of HD Rumble to immerse players in the game even more. Having played Castle of Heart back in October at Poznan Game Arena, I can say that if you are a fan of the aforementioned titles of Castlevania and Dark Souls, you’ll find a lot to like about it. The game can be pretty challenging, but Castle of Heart has a neat atmosphere and pretty tight and methodical controls.

You can check out some screenshots and a teaser trailer for the game below. Castle of Heart is currently set to release exclusively on Nintendo Switch sometime in Q1 2018, which lasts until the end of March.


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