Pokken Tournament DX Receives Two New Trailers Ahead of Next Month’s Launch

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Earlier today, Nintendo released a set of new trailers for the upcoming deluxe edition release of Pokken Tournament DX on Nintendo Switch.

The first of these two trailers is titled “Everything You Need to Know”, and it, well, tells you just that. For those who might be new to Pokken Tournament entirely, this video gives you a quick rundown of many of the Pokemon that are included within while also showing off a variety of different moves from said characters. Additionally, we get a look at many of the other support Pokemon that you can call into battle to aid you.

The second video is titled “What’s New in Pokken Tournament DX” and it provides fans with details on the additions to this version of the game. Most of this trailer is spent showcasing the new Pokemon such as Empoleon, Scizor, Decidueye, that have joined the roster as well as some of the added support Pokemon. We also get a brief peak at the new 3-on-3 battles, which is one Pokken Tournament DX’s newest features.

In other Pokken Tournament DX news, a demo for the game went live on the Nintendo eShop just yesterday. Unfortunately, this trial edition of the game only allows you to play fifteen matches either alone or with friends and limits your character choices to just Pikachu, Empoleon, and Charizard. Still, it’s a great way to gauge your own interest in Pokken Tournament if you never played it originally on the Wii U.

As for today’s videos, you can find each of them at the end of this article. Pokken Tournament DX will release next month on September 22 worldwide exclusively for the Switch.

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