Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon Opens Up Pokémon Bank in “Late November”

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While many people like to start up their Pokémon adventures from scratch, equally important to many is the ability to use their trained and EV focused Pokémon over from previous games. And while that feature — the much-beloved Pokémon Bank — isn’t currently available for Pokémon Ultra Sun and  Moon, players can expect if by “Late November.”

News comes by way of Pokémon fansite Serebii.net, who is running their normal field day of coverage for the annual release of the Pokémon games. Within this coverage, they noted:

Pokémon Bank is confirmed to have the update for Ultra Sun & Moon in Late November. Standard compatibility with Sun & Moon is still in place, however.

Thankfully, “Late November” means we won’t be waiting too long. Fact of the matter is, we are already in “Late November” given it is November 18th (at the time of writing). At most, we should see this feature coming in the next two weeks.

As most everyone knows, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon are 2017’s incarnations of the popular series. Nintendo recently revealed the brand new Z-move for creepy Pokémon Mimikyu. Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon are both currently available exclusively for Nintendo 3DS

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