Pokémon Gold and Silver Are Getting a Quasi-Physical Re-Release In Europe

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Nintendo of Europe announced today that Pokémon Gold and Silver will receive a specially boxed re-release for the 3DS in Europe on September 22nd, however, the each box will contain a digital code instead of a 3DS cartridge.

Similar to the game’s original Game Boy Color box art, Pokémon Gold and Silver covers feature legendary Pokémon, Ho-oH, and Lugia. However, unlike the original boxes, the new designs include a yellow warning label that an internet connection will be required to download the game.

It is worth noting, however, that the re-releases will contain the original versions of Gold and Silver and not the remakes, Heart Gold, and SoulSilver. Fortunately, the re-releases will be Pokémon Bank-compatible, meaning you can transfer Pokémon caught in these games and forward them to other titles.

Additionally, both games will use 3DS wireless communication for trading and battling. On top of that, the Time Capsule feature will allow any second-gen Pokemon you caught to be transferred over to the Virtual Console versions of Pokémon Blue and Red.

Currently, Nintendo has yet to comment whether or not North America or other regions would receive a physical re-release of the game.

Speaking of Pokémon, back in June Nintendo announced that Pokkén Tournament DX was coming to the Switch, the same day that the Gold and Silver re-releases launch along with Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon coming to the 3DS this November.

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