PokeBall and Orange-and-White New Nintendo 2DS XL Models Coming This Fall

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While the Nintendo Switch has taken its place as Nintendo’s newest console, the stalwart Nintendo 3DS has still held on since releasing back in 2011, with the handheld getting two new editions this fall for fans to enjoy.

During the latest Nintendo Direct broadcast, Nintendo revealed that two New Nintendo 2DS XL models will be arriving in stores this fall, with the first being the orange-and-white New Nintendo 2DS XL coming to North America on October 6th, 2017, after the edition previously was released in Europe.

In addition to the orange-and-white New 2DS XL, Nintendo also revealed that a PokeBall-themed 2DS will be coming to stores on November 3rd, 2017. The inside of the system features a more traditional red-color scheme, while the outside of the system features the iconic red-and-white PokeBall appearance that’s sure to appeal to Pokemon fans everywhere.

Both of the New Nintendo 2DS XL models arrive this fall: for a closer look, you can check out some of the photos of each system below:

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