POE 3.14 Patch Notes – Where are They and What is the 3.13.2 Patch?

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Path of Exile is set to receive its 3.14 patch soon, but today the devs pushed the 3.12.2 patch.

Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games frequently update the game and give players reason after reason to come back to it.

With the highly anticipated POE 3.14 patch notes seeming to be so close, what’s going on with the 3.13.2 patch?

Here’s everything you need to know about the POE 3.14 patch notes and todays 3.13.2 patch.

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POE 3.14 and 3.13.2 Patch Notes

The team at Grinding Gear is thankfully, very transparent about their updates and future patch notes. Today’s 3.12.2 patch is to help improve engine performance in anticipation of the 3.14 update. As you can see in the full patch notes for the 3.12.2 update, there aren’t any big gameplay changes, just changes to how the game runs.

Today’s patch is also coming a little later than Grinding Gear anticipated because of some issues the team uncovered right before starting a long holiday weekend last week.

In terms of the POE 3.14 patch notes, we still don’t know many specifics about what exactly will be included. All we know is that the expansion is smaller in scope than the 3.13 update, according to a recent announcement.

Hopefully, the patch should release soon as devs have said that they are “expecting to release our 3.14 expansion in early-mid April with the Ritual League ending roughly five days before its release.”

It seems like we still have to wait for the 3.14 patch, but Grinding Gear Games has been extremely transparent about their release schedule so we should have more information regarding future updates soon.

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