PlayStation VR Exclusive Golem Returns with New Gameplay; Release Date Announced

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During its live coverage from PlayStation Experience in Anaheim, Highwire Games shared new gameplay of its upcoming PlayStation VR exclusive Golem.

The game was announced exactly two years ago at PlayStation Experience 2015, and then kind of slipped under the radar, due to the team behind it being rather small. Yet, today we also get a release date, with the title shipping on March 13th, 2018.

We get to see how the experience is split in two, between a child that has been wounded and is bedridden, and a giant golem that can be controlled as a vessel of their consciousness (it’s actually not specified whether the protagonist is a boy or a girl).

While fighting with the golem, the player has to actually move the controller to parry blows and then to retaliate against enemy golems and various critters. We also hear how the developer made the experience as simple as possible (but still engaging) in order to avoid overwhelming the player.

It certainly looks very interesting, and if you have PlayStation VR, there are just a handful of months left before you can actually play it.

Check the video out below, and see how far it has come in two years.

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