PlayStation VR Exclusive Fate/Grand Order VR Releasing for Free in December

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Today developer Delightworks announced the release date of its PlayStation VR Fate/Grand Order game, titled Fate/Grand Order VR Featuring Mashu Kyrielight.

The game will launch on the Japanese PlayStation Store on December 6th (right in time for the holidays), and it’ll be free. This means that even western players will be able to download it without any problem or change by using a Japanese PlayStation Network.

In addition to this, December will also see the first location tests in Japan of the new Fate/Grand Order arcade game, aptly titled Fate/Grand Order Arcade.

The game is basically what you’d expect, a VR waifu simulation in which you can spend time with Mashu Kyrielight as she does a range of different activities, including changing into her battle uniform.

The release timing, combined with the fact that the game will be free, and the massive popularity of Fate/Grand Order in Japan, is certainly going to bring a nice boost to PlayStation VR sales in the holidays.

If you want to see more of the game, you can check out the latest trailer, and the original announcement from January. the game is in development at the series’ traditional developer Delightworks in collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment, and it will feature its own unique story

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