PlayLink Titles Are Discounted on the PlayStation Store Right Now

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A video showcasing the many PlayLink titles for PlayStation 4 was released hilariously displaying each game’s unique gameplay.

PlayLink titles — which include Knowledge is Power, Hidden Agenda, and That’s You — are meant for everyone to enjoy. Instead of using multiple DualShock 4 controllers, all players require is their own cell phones and the companion app for the game.

The first game to kick off the PlayLink series of games was That’s You, a party game where you will interact with each by answering questions pertaining to a particular player, doodling on each other’s drawings, and taking goofy pictures. In October, three PlayLink titles were release including the return of the popular competitive music game series, Singstar Celebration.

During this year’s Paris Games Week press conference, Sony revealed the next game in the cell phone-centric series, Erica. Utilizing the PlayLink system, the upcoming FlavourWorks title uses FMV (full motion video) to tell a dark tale about a woman and her haunting past as you uncover the identity of a murderer. A release has yet to be revealed.

All the aforementioned titles — save for Erica — are available right now. Just in time for your New Year’s Eve party, these games are 25 percent off on the PlayStation Store until January 2.

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