Playdead’s Inside Is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

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Developer Playdead’s award-winning game Inside is reportedly making its way onto the Nintendo Switch, according to the studio’s co-founder Art Jensen.

Speaking with Famitsu during a recent trip to Japan, Jensen confirmed that the Switch version is currently in development with no set release date planned. The game was one of the highest rated games from last year, we thought it was an amazing experience.

If this is your first time hearing about Inside, it’s essentially a puzzle-platformer adventure game similar to the studio’s other title, Limbo. I can’t really say much about the game’s plot without spoiling anything, but it is a short game and one that’s definitely worth experiencing if you haven’t already. This’ll also be Playdead’s first game coming to a Nintendo platform. Hopefully the studio will bring Limbo to the handheld-console hybrid next.

Back in January, Playdead teased their next upcoming project. We still know next to nothing about the new title though. Also, the former co-founder and CEO of Playdead formed a new studio to work on a brand new sci-fi game titled Somerville

DualShockers reviewed Inside, awarding it a 9.0 out of 10, noting Inside “is a game made for those able to appreciate the nuance and artistry behind game design and building atmosphere.”

Inside is currently available now on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Earlier this month Playdead teamed up with 505 Games to publish a physical copy of Inside that’s bundled with Limbo. 

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