Persona 5 Dancing Star Night Trailer Shows Persona 4 Dancing All Night for PS4 and Bonus Content

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Today Atlus released a new trailer of Persona 5 Dancing Star Night and Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night. And yes, I’m sorry, I could fit only one in the headline, Atlus is driving me crazy with these twin releases.

The video brings back Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities (Jika Netto Tanaka) to as the perfect medium to advertise the various editions in which the two games will be launched in Japan.

We get to see the Persona Dancing All-Star Triple Pack for PS4 and the Persona Dancing Deluxe Twin Plus Pack for PS Vita, and the bonus costumes they will include.

On top of that, we also get a glimpse of Persona 4 Dancing All Night ported to PS4, which will be included in the All-Star Triple Pack (and unfortunately is not planned for separate release).

You can enjoy the trailer below, and see if ol’ President Tanaka persuades you to import before Atlus USA announces a likely western release.

If you want to see more, you can enjoy some recent screenshots from Famitsu, the latest direct-feed screenshots and artworktwo recent trailers, and a previous batch of screenshots.

Both Persona 5 Dancing Star Night and Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night will launch on the same day in Japan on May 24, 2018.

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