Penny-Punching Princess Gets Western Release Date for PS Vita and Switch; New Trailer Revealed

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During NIS America’s 2018 Press Event, the publisher announced that Penny-Punching Princess will release digitally for PlayStation Vita and digitally and physically for Nintendo Switch on March 30 in Europe and April 4 in North America.

Penny-Punching Princess has players assume the role of Princess who not only loses her family but also the overall rule of the land from the evil Dragonloan family. Players must fight through hordes of enemies in order to complete missions as they slowly help the Princess gain back her kingdom.

In dungeons, the Princess is able to set traps and bribe enemy monsters. By using this bribe technique, monsters can use their skills to assist the Princess in battle. Depending on the monster, each skill has a unique effect on the flow of the battle to the point where there is often a lot of action going on at one time on the screen.

Additionally, the publisher released a new trailer showing the fast-paced action that happens during missions. The Princess is able to punch her way through battle, but by using bribe skills and traps, she won’t even need to get her hands too dirty.

You can check out the new screenshots and gameplay trailer and the key art below:

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