Online Multiplayer Survival Game ‘SOS’ Adds Duos Mode to Closed Beta With New Details

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Outpost Games announced an upcoming event for their online multiplayer survival game SOS, coming to PC with closed beta registration open now.

After joining a Duos match, players will still get dropped at a random spawn point, but in this mode they will be able to start the game with a teammate. This way the two players can coordinate easier in the beginning of the game and get the match properly started. This feature is experimental right now and only offered in the closed beta to determine if it would work in the full game. Players who want to experience the mode will need to update their game versions to 5.43942.0.

SOS is a timed survival game where 16 players have 30-minutes to escape off of a deadly island. However, there are only three seats available on the helicopter that is taking off from the island and it’s up to the players to fight over those spots.

During gameplay, players are tasked with retrieving a relic which will allow them to leave the island. However, this is easier said than done given that the island is full of dangers and requires players to work together to an extent. Basically, there will be a lot of people that will try to backstab their new friends in order to escape.

Outpost Games has implemented their own “Hero” platform so that every player gets to become a performer. With this Hero system, every game has a live audience that gives feedback in real-time that will influence the match. If the player succeeds at entertaining the crowd, they will become the star of the show. Anyone will be able to view live matches and interact with the players during the closed alpha at the game’s official streaming website.

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