One Piece: World Seeker Gets its First Trailer in 4K Resolution

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If you want to see the recently-announced open-world adventure game One Piece: World Seeker with a lot more pixels, Bandai Namco delivered today, with a 4K version of the first trailer of the game.

The video showcases a view on the open world of the game, that isn’t exactly what we saw in the anime and manga, but more of an original rendition that is designed to “feel” like One Pice. 

We also get to see quite a bit of combat, with Luffy making short work of a few goons by using his iconic powers.

You can check it out below, and remember to select 2016p to see all those colorful pixels. If you want to see more, you can also enjoy the same trailer with English subtitles, and the first gameplay from Taipei Game Show.

One Piece: World Seeker will be released in Japan exclusively for PS4, but Bandai Namco is going to be a bit more ecumenic in the west. North America and Europe will also get the title for Xbox One and PC.

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