Ogle PS4’s Sunset Orange DualShock 4 in Colorful Official High Resolution Pictures

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You’d think that a controller like the new Sunset Orange DualShock 4 announced today by Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe would be released in time for Halloween, but it’ll actually come on November 14th.

For the moment, this rather loud, pumpkin-colored controller has been announced only for the European market, with quite a few countries in which it won’t be released at all, including U.K. and Ireland, France, Poland, Russia and Middle East and Africa. And yeah, I know that the Middle East and Africa aren’t in Europe, but they’re normally considered part of the European region by Sony Interactive Entertainment, alongside Australia, which will instead get it.

The controller has a warm orange upper body shell, contrasting with dark purple lower body, buttons and sticks. I can’t help but wonder if this was planned for Halloween and simply did not make it in time, but I guess my guess will forever remain personal speculation.

You can check out the controller from all angles in the official pictures below, and no, there is no PS4 console announced to match. That might have been a bit excessive… Maybe.

If you want to see some more recent DualShock 4 model, you can also take a look at the crystal line, which comes with a rather nostalgic vibe.

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