Ode Brings Its Immersive Musical Experience to PC Today

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Today, Ubisoft announced that the studio behind Grow Home and Atomega Ubisoft Reflections will be releasing a brand new sensory experience to PC with Ode. Alongside the reveal is a trailer flaunting the game’s colorful landscapes and enjoyable sounds that will bring music to your ears.

In Ode, you will play as Joy as you traverse through four different gardens to collect fallen stars. Each star you collect will intensify the unique sounds and visuals you’ll bear witness to.

You’ll explore these gardens without a guide, tutorial, or hints to help you. Instead, you will trek each world at your own pace in whatever direction you desire as you unveil each layer of the track.

The plants within each musical garden will produce notes that will compose the background music for the given environment. “Soft challenges” will reveal hidden layers to each level’s track creating a song based on your play style.

Many of these gameplay elements are exemplified in the new trailer below. You can see Joy explore cool colored caverns and warm colored cliffs as each action emits a different note to the composition.

The joyous and pleasant experience known as Ode is available right now on PC through Uplay worldwide.

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