Nintendo Unveils Papercraft Toy Nintendo Labo for Nintendo Switch

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Merging papercraft fun with the flourishing Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has unveiled Nintendo Labo — a very Nintendo-like mix between video games and interactive toys. Coming to the UK in a little less than four months, the almost LEGO-like experience looks to explore a new realm of experiences for the portable platform.

Revealed moments ago via the trailer (below), Nintendo Labo is a kit-based experience for “kids and kids-at-heart.” While there aren’t a ton of details, it appears that players will utilize and build cardboard-based peripherals that will interact with a Nintendo Switch and included game software.

At the moment, there are three different build options being advertised: the variety kit, the robot kid, and a customization set.

The Variety Kit (Toy-Con 01) comes in at $69.99 — a price that includes software and all cardboard/foam parts — on April 20, 2019 in North America. The kit will allow you to build two RC Cars, a Fishing Rod, a House, a Motorbike, and a Piano that will all have a unique experience tied to them. This is the more general, kid-friendly version coming with an E rating.

Meanwhile, the Robot Kit (Toy-Con 2) comes in at $79.99 also on April 20, 2018. This kit is seemingly a mech-themed kit which has you playing as a fighting robot, creating both a jet-pack backpack and goggles.

According to Nintendo, this will be the experience dedicated to the Robot Kit:

Create a wearable Robot suit, and insert the Left and Right Joy-Con into the designated slots on the backpack and visor to assume control of the robot, which is shown on the TV when the Nintendo Switch console is docked. Enjoy a variety of fun game-play experiences, including Robot mode, in which you can destroy in-game buildings and UFOs.

Last but not least is the Customization Set, which is effectively just a sticker pack to enhance your creations. The Customization Set is (similarly) set to release on April 20, however at a retail price of $9.99

The move is definitely an interesting one, and one that is very likely opening the market in a way that neither Microsoft nor Sony can touch. Also, it feels distinctly Nintendo given their history with kid-friendlyness, physical toys, and the fact that they are (historically) a toy maker. You can check out the Nintendo Labo reveal trailer and image gallery below:

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