Nintendo Turns Mario Into a Zombie Just in Time for Halloween

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Pour one out for everyone’s favorite Italian plumber. Late last night, through a post on the official Nintendo of America Twitter account, Nintendo announced that Mario has passed away.

Well, not exactly. Nintendo announced that players will be able to unlock some new cosmetic options in Super Mario Odyssey that show a zombified, undead version of Mario. These new cosmetic options, which can only be bought after completing Super Mario Odyssey‘s main story mode, include two new items titled Zombie Headwear and Zombie Outfit respectively. These items make Mario appear pale, depict his iconic overalls tattered, and show an ax lodged in his head.

In addition to unveiling Mario’s new Halloween attire, Nintendo also announced that Super Mario Odyssey‘s Snapshot Mode will be receiving some nifty new filters. These new filters, titled Manga, Tile, and Kaleidoscope, allow players to artistically manipulate their screenshots of the game’s branching, large worlds.

This isn’t the first time Nintendo showed off a dead Mushroom Kingdom resident. Earlier this year, Nintendo showed Luigi succumbing to a brutal death when revealing Simon Belmont as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It isn’t the first time Nintendo openly celebrated Halloween this year either with Splatoon 2‘s Splatooween event starting this weekend.

Rest in peace, Mario. We will miss you.

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