Nintendo Switch to Keep Selling Out During Holidays; Among “Most Sought-After Gifts” at GameStop

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Today, during its quarterly conference call for investors and analysts, GameStop Executives talked in depth about the sales of Nintendo’s new Switch console at the retailer’s stores.

Interim CEO Daniel DeMatteo mentioned that the retailer’s results are driven by “continued momentum” of the Nintendo Switch. Demand remains strong, and the retailer expects to see continued strong demand through the Holiday season.

Chief Financial Officer Robet Lloyd mentioned that the Switch drove an overall 8.8% increase in new hardware sales. GameStop has the leading market share for both Switch Software and hardware in the United States and in most of the international markets in which the company is present.

Chief Operating Officer Tony Bartel followed up by mentioning that GameStop has the highest attach rate of games and accessories in the industry for the Switch. The company expects that demand will continue to outpace supply for the remainder of the Holiday season and that the Switch will be “one of the most sought-after gifts”. The retailer is working closely with Nintendo to best serve the Holiday needs of its customers.

Bartel also mentioned that the 5.4% increase in overall new software sales was partly due to the Nintendo Switch, with another part driven by the strength of Call of Duty: WWII. 

We recently heard that Nintendo is targeting the offer of as much supply as possible for the console during the Holidays. During the same call, GameStop’s execs also talked about the performance of the Xbox One X, which is seen positively as well.

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