Nintendo Switch Exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Gets Tons of Screenshots and Videos: Blades and More

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Monolith Soft has been releasing over time on its official Twitter account, a veritable wealth of screenshots and video clips of its upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Most of the screenshots and artwork, alongside the videos, feature some of the game’s Blades, which form a symbiotic relationship with the characters, fighting by their side.

Blades are formed from core crystals and the result is random. Common blades also have random appearance, abilities weapons, and names (you can see them in the gallery, they’re the black ones).

There are also rare blades that have a specific appearance, name, and powers. We can see Ibuki, Basara, Hotaru, Kubira, Azami, and Uka.

Playable characters that accompany Rex also have their own blades. We see Nia and her blade Byakko (which can also be used as a mount), and Towa, with his blade Hana.

Interestingly, while fighting a string of light defined “link” (Kizuna in Japanese) extends from Blade to Drivers, representing the energy exchanged between them. Various effects can be triggered depending on the color and length of the link, but they will be introduced at a later time.

We then see one of Rex’s ability called Anchor Shot, that throws a grappling hook at an enemy, and extracts a recovery potion. On top of that, a lot of beautiful environments are also showcased.

You can check out all the assets below, and if you want to see more you can also watch some recent gameplay, the latest trailer, and some more screenshots.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will release worldwide exclusively for Nintendo Switch on December 1st.

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