Nintendo Switch Exclusive ShinobiRefle: Senran Kagura Getting Murasaki as DLC

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Today Marvelous Entertainment announced a new DLC for its Nintendo Switch-exclusive game ShinobiRefle: Senran Kagura.

This time around, we’ll get to interact with a new popular Senran Kagura waifu, and that’s the super-shy and socially awkward Murasaki from Hebijo Academy.

Murasaki is known for being a massive shut-in. She doesn’t actually go to school, and she prefers to lock herself in her room with her iconic teddy bear Bebeby. Yet, this time around she will appear in the classroom, and she appears to have a request for the player.

You can check out a bespoke illustration below, alongside a couple of screenshots. The DLC will release in Japan on January 18th.

This is the second DLC waifu released for the game, with the first being Yumi.

ShinobiRefle: Senran Kagura is currently available only in Japan exclusively for Nintendo Switch. When we asked Producer Kenichiro Takaki whether the game will come west, he didn’t appear too sure, but mentioned that luckily the Switch is region-free.

Hopefully Marvelous will manage to get the game into the hands of western players, but while they recently teased Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal for PS4, all appears to be silent about this one, so we can only wait and see.

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