Nintendo Sold 24,000 Super Mario Odyssey Switch Bundles in Japan Last Week, While Xbox One X Fizzled

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Following the top-20 ranking released on Wednesday, the Japanese statistics firm Media Create released its weekly analysis which includes an interesting piece of information on the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo’s Console sold very well last week (between November 6th and November 12th), in Japan, but there is one specific product that increased since the week before, and it’s the Super Mario Odyssey hardware bundle, which sold 24,000 units alone among the nearly 80,000 Switch consoles sold. This is quite remarkable since last week was the second for Super Mario Odyssey on the shelves and not its debut week.

Media Create also had a comment for the launch of the Xbox One X, which sold 1,344 units during the whole week in the country. The firm calls the volume “remarkably shrunk” even compared to the launch of the Xbox One, which previously held the record for the worst console launch in Japan in recorded history with about 24,000 units.

Now we’re entering one of the most interesting periods of the year in Japan, which is the Holiday shopping season. It goes from the beginning of December to the first week of January, due to the fact that the “Otoshidama” tradition prompts adults to give children gift money on New Year’s day.

With Nintendo pushing all the Switch stock it can into the country, following widespread shortages, and Sony retaliating with Monster Hunter World‘s Rathalos Edition PS4 Pro, the battle is going to be heated.

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