Nintendo Russia’s Super Mario Odyssey Trailer Feels Uniquely Russian

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I never thought I would be able to have nostalgia for a place I never lived. Yet lo and behold, a localized version of Nintendo’s Super Mario Odyssey trailer for Russian audiences takes aim at post-Soviet nostalgia for Nintendo consoles.

Seen in the video below, you see a guy going through various stages of his life with Nintendo consoles. First, him playing his accordion and Super Famicom as a child, later moving to him and his friend playing the Nintendo 64 in his teenage years. The next shot, we see a grown-up version of the kid playing a GameCube in the Russian Armed Forces, followed by him turning down a woman thanks to laser-focus Nintendo DS playtime in a Russian nightclub.

Following his stint in the military, this Russian everyman is now working in an office where he is getting punished for sneaking in some Nintendo 3DS gameplay at work. The last cut is this man with a full family (possibly with that nightclub woman?), as the daughter rushes in with her Nintendo Switch. Overall, it is a cute commercial, and fascinating to see from a US perspective.

Of course, nothing further has to be said about the underlying game. By now, everyone has heard of Super Mario OdysseyDualShockers reviewed the game last month. Not only that, but the game continues to sell gangbusters globally.

Super Mario Odyssey is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Check out the brand new Russian trailer, below:

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