Nintendo Rep Highlights Switch’s Success with DLC; Looking Into Potential New Joy-Con Designs

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Since its debut back in March, the Nintendo Switch has taken off with a slew of excellent games and hardware that truly lets players take the system on the go, with one Nintendo representative offering a closer look at what might be in store for the system down the line.

Speaking in an interview with IGN, Nintendo’s Entertainment Planning and Development Division general manager Shinya Takahasi provided some comments on the success of the Switch’s embracing of digital content, while also offering some tidbits on what new hardware changes might be in store down the line.

Specifically, Takahasi explained that the Switch so far has shown “good compatibility” with offering DLC and additional content for digital games, and added that “I believe the Nintendo Switch, compared to most of our recent hardware, makes some of the best use of the ability to download titles in their entirety, since it’s a console that you can also carry as a portable.”

Takahasi also explained that the company seems to be looking more towards what titles “would have a great value for additional content to be added” down the line, as we have seen with titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildXenoblade Chronicles 2, and more that have offered season passes or expansions, or games like Splatoon 2 and ARMS that received regular post-release updates and DLC, including new maps and characters.

In addition to DLC, Takahasi also commented on the hardware of the Switch itself and said that the company has noted the many fans and players that have taken to customizing their Nintendo Switch systems. On that note, Takahasi said that given that the Switch can detach from the Joy-Con controllers, he explained that “this gives us a lot of possibilities that we could consider for the future in terms of what you could attach,” and implied that the company seems to be exploring the potential for new Joy-Con colors, attachments for the Switch, or even new Joy-Con designs altogether.

While Takahasi didn’t provide any hard confirmation of whether the Switch will get new attachments or Joy-Con hardware down the line, he did explain that in the future “that would be a really good time for us to think about some very different colors or designs applied to [Joy-Cons].”

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