Nintendo Gives a Brief Glimpse of ARMS’ Newest Fighter

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Nintendo’s quirky fighting game ARMS will be adding to its roster soon. In a tweet made by the official ARMS account, they give us a glimpse of the new unnamed fighter.

The short gif flaunts the new fighter wielding a nunchaku-type arm, and sporting some really poofy pants. No further details were revealed about the mysterious fighter.

This tease follows another announcement from the ARMS Twitter account showcasing a new stage. ARMS’ commentator, Biff, can be seen relaxing at what looks to be a candy-themed stage. This also seems to be the same stage the teased character was fighting in.

Since its launch, Nintendo has supported ARMS through various updates that improved character balancing, as well as offered new modes, and its first DLC character, Max Brass. The last update (version 2.1) not only adjusted hit boxes and menu layout, but also provided players with five new training exercises.

ARMS is Nintendo’s latest foray into the fighting genre. Since its release in June, it has seen favorable sales selling 1.18 million units globally as of last month. You can check out our review of the game.. ARMS is available now exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Here is the glimpse of the new fighter, as well as a screenshot of Biff relaxing at the new Candy-themed stage:

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