New Survarium Content Update Announced; Includes New Game Mode, Currency, and More

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If you’ve been hoping for some new content in the early-access game Survarium then it’s your lucky day. Today, independent developer Vostok Games revealed a brand new winter-themed update that’s available for the first-person shooter, and it adds a ton of new content.

First and foremost, Update 0.51 adds a brand new map called Olivier Mall to the game which, as the name suggests, takes place in a snowy, abandoned shopping mall. A screenshot of the new map was released, which you can check out at the end of the article.

In addition to that, players will also have access to a brand new game mode called Gun Race, which, in-and-of-itself is similar to Gun Game from other first-person shooters. In it, players will be every man for himself, and each kill earned will give you a new weapon from a pre-selected list, which will be randomly selected before the match begins.

Finally, a new weapon modification system has been added, which allows players to customize their guns to an insane extent. If you want to check out the new update before it downloads then you can do so thanks to a recently released video which provides an overview of all the new features.

Survarium is a part of Steam’s Early Access program and has been since April 2, 2015. The game is only available on PC and, as of the time of this writing, has no confirmed release date. Check out the screenshot and overview trailer below:

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