New Star Citizen Video Shows Improved Cockpits; Crowdfunding Passes $161,000,000

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Cloud Imperium Games released a brand new video of Star Citizen showcasing more of the upcoming game.

The video focuses mostly on the improvements done to one of the most crucial areas of a spaceship simulator, the cockpits.

We get to see how the various screens have been enlarged and repositioned for visibility and simply to look better, all the way to damage that will be showcased when you get in trouble and people start hitting your ship hard. As usual, the footage we see looks rather amazing.

On top of this, the game’s crowd funding total has reached another milestone, and is now beyond 161 million dollars. To be more precise, it’s sitting on $161,001,113 pledged by 1,890,797 backers.

Incidentally, in a newsletter sent to backers, the developer announced that the game’s annual event, CitizenCon, is going to be held in Frankfurt, Germany, on October 27th. It will run from 02:00 PM local time, all the way to 10:00 PM, and it will focus on what’s coming in Alpha 3.0 and beyond.

If you’re more interested in the single player aspect of the game, Squadron 42, it will be the focus of the traditional Holiday livestream in December, where Cloud Imperium Game will present gameplay and share their roadmap for its completion. According to Director Chris Roberts, it’ll be “a game that can hold its own with any other AAA story game.”

Before you go check the video below, keep in mind that the author of this article is among the backers mentioned above. If you want to see more, you can also check out another fairly related video concerning improvements to turrets.

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