New PS4 Pro Trailer by Sony Pomises Dynamic and Native 4K, Biggest and Best Games, and More

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Sony Interactive Entertainment released today a new trailer for its PS4 Pro console.

The trailer focuses on Sony’s own headline titles including God of War, Gran Turismo Sport, Horizon Zero Dawn, Deroit: Become Human, Knack II, Spider-Man and Days Gone.

It also boasts the hardware capabilities of the console, including “Dynamic and Native 4K,” HDR support and more enhancements to games like cleaner shadow, better anti-aliasing, and crisp imagery from greater distances. We hear about details on clothes, rust flakes on metals, smoother, softer, more convincing and more realistic faces, heavy and realistic smoke and steam, producing a “more authentic and visceral atmosphere.”

Of course there’s also talk about faster frame rates and “razor sharp controls” to complete the picture, alongside entertainment content with 4K streaming and upscaling.

You can check it out below. And if you want to see more about Sony’s line-up, you can enjoy their full E3 press conference, our recap, and the reactions of the fans to some of the most juicy announcements and trailers from the briefing.

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