New Monster Hunter World Videos Show Adorable Palicoes and More

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Today Capcom released another batch of videos of its upcoming mainline Monster Hunter game Monster Hunter World.

The videos are part of the series of very brief but cute clips released to convey the work Capcom has done on the game’s ecosystem.

The first five clips are dedicated to the palicoes, which are feline companions that follow our hunters around providing some invaluable support (and that can be fully customized and equipped in this game).

The last two videos are different and showcase the interaction among monster in the beautiful area named Coral Highlands.

You can enjoy all the videos below. If you want to see more you can also watch more videos from the same seriessome more gameplay from a few days agosome recent screenshots directly from Capcom, another batch of videos and screenshots, even more gameplay, the trailer that revealed the Rotten Vale area, the reveal of the crossover bonus with Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn, and my own recording of a quest I played at Tokyo Game Show. On top of all of that, you should also take a look at our recent hands-on preview.

Monster Hunter World will launch worldwide on January 26th, for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC version coming at a later date.

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