New Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Video Tutorials Highlight Ultron, Hawkeye, Haggar, Arthur, and More

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With only a few days left to go until its lauch, Capcom has been releasing some tutorial videos for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite’s 30-character roster. Today, we got graced with six more that show us how to use Arthur (Ghosts’N Goblins), Haggar (Final Fight), and Zero (Mega Man X) on the Capcom side, and Ultron, Hawkeye, and Ghost Rider on the Marvel side.

Each video includes detailed tutorial for one character, and includes a brief overview of their regular attacks, special moves, regular combos, hyper combos, unique skill, and their synergies with the Infinity Stones. These Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite tutorial videos are somewhat akin to what Capcom does with another one of their fighting games, Street Fighter V, as the approach the launch of a new character.

If you are curious about Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite’s modes, it includes quite a few both offline and online. Offline, players can experience a story mode, play arcade and mission mode, face either a second player or a CPU in a single match, check out their unlocked items in Collection mode, and refine their skills in a training mode. When Online, players have access to ranked matches, casual matches, a beginners league, and online rankings.

You can check out all six of the new tutorial videos below. Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite releases on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on September 19.

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