New Fortnite Battle Royale Patch Adds New Item: the Chug Jug

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Fortnite has been receiving some very frequent updates lately, and today is no exception. Battle Royale mode recently got an update on its map, and today it gets a new item on top of some bug fixes.

Update version  2.3.0 introduces the new Chug Jug. It allows players to fully recover health and shields. It takes 15 seconds to use, so find a safe hidey-hole before activating it, then rejoice in 100% healthy joy.

The update also comes with a notice, reminding players that the 2017 winter event Save the World is scheduled to end on January 25. With one’s end, another one begins, as it will switch out to Mutant Storm right after. The new event brings more than regular storms. When a storm happens, they bring along minibosses that were introduced in the winter event. Gold earned this way can be put towards weekly rotating items in the Event Store.

Aside from the events and Chug Jug, the patch also fixes a lot of bugs. Further game optimization is also included to improve the accuracy of grenades and tweaks made to the reward system.

The patch notes are huge this time around, including many bug fixes. Check out the full list here.

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