New Besiege Update Introduces Multiplayer Mode and Level Editor

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I’ve made a lot of terrible contraptions in Besiege. Some of them killed a lot of sheep, and the rest were self-destructing catapults. While the game is still in Early Access, the new Besige Multiverse update adds multiplayer game modes and a new level editor.

The modes range from cooperative obstacles or player vs. player competitions, ranging from all-out deathmatches, to competitive checkpoint races. You can merrily make murder machines together, or you can race to see who can complete an objective first. The level editor allows players to customize these challenges to their humorous desires, or to make scenarios more or less challenging, and of course, more or less insane.

Something to note is that the level editor is not restricted to pre-game setups. Much like Halo‘s Forge, the levels can be edited on the fly. While you might not be able to drop death balls on top of people, you can do things such as adjusting the world’s physics or increasing the number of spawning enemies.

Besiege was released on Steam in 2015 and remains in Early Access. You can check it out for $7.99. The Multiverse update is available now. You can check out the full trailer below. in all of its over-dramatized glory.

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