Need for Speed Payback to Receive Online Free Roam in 2018

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To kick off 2018, Electronic Arts and Ghosts Games revealed that a new online feature will be coming to Need for Speed Payback this year. This feature is the much requested Online Free Roam mode that would allow players to explore Need for Speed Payback’s large world with others online.

This news was delivered via the official Need for Speed Twitter, so details on the mode are still quite scarce other than the fact that we will be receiving it sometime this year. 2017 was a pretty rough year for EA, so it’s good to see that they are kicking off this year by confirming that they are adding a much-requested feature to one of their bigger titles from last year.  You can check out the full tweet below:

Need for Speed Payback is actually the 23rd entry in the long-running Need for Speed series, which began on the Panasonic 3DO all the way back in 1994.The game was unveiled back in June before appearing at EA’s E3 Press Conference. Need for Speed Payback features an action-heavy single-player campaign that follows a group of friends as they try to fight off an evil cartel.

Need for Speed Payback is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If you want to see DualShockers’ thoughts on the racing title, you can check out our very own Noah Buttner’s review of the game. 

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