Naoki Yoshida Says 2017 Was “A Fantastic Year” for Final Fantasy XIV; “Future Announcements” Coming in 2018

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Final Fantasy XIV has continued to stay strong throughout the years with new content updates and expansions, and with a new year having just started, there definitely seems to be more on the way for players of the long-running MMORPG.

In a post on the official FFXIV North American forums, producer and director Naoki Yoshida provided greetings for players for the new year, and give a nice recap of the game’s year in 2017, while also offering a taste of what’s to come this year.

Specifically, Yoshida said that overall, 2017 was “a fantastic year” for Final Fantasy XIV, adding that with the release of the game’s second expansion, Stormblood,” was a “great success” and resulted in “more players online than ever before” from what the game’s development team has seen, and thanked players for their continued support for the game.

Yoshida also explained in the post that the game’s first major update of the year, patch 4.2, will be available towards the end of January, and plans are also currently underway for the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival that will take place later this year in North America, followed by the festival’s run in Paris and Japan in early 2019.

However, Yoshida also added that the team plans to do “more than hold Fan Festivals,” teasing that there are plans in motion for “another event over a year fro now,” though it remains to be seen what will actually be in store for fans of the game.

Finally, Yoshida also provided this “prophetic passage” that may tease what’s in store for the game down the line, though he added that “I suppose we can only speculate until the truth reveals itself.”

Currently, the Final Fantasy XIV team is taking a break for New Year’s, but Yoshida assured that “you can be sure we’ll hit the ground running when we get back to our office,” and that there will be much in store for the game in 2018.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is available now on PS4, PC, and Mac.

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