My Lovely Daughter Gets a Gruesome Gameplay Trailer All About Harvesting Homunculi

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Toge Productions and Gamechanger Studio’s upcoming resource management/visual novel My Lovely Daughter recently got a full story trailer, explaining how its protagonist must harvest the souls of homunculi in order to revive his deceased daughter. Now we have a gameplay trailer to accompany that grim tale.

In My Lovely Daughter, you take on the role of Faust, an alchemist who awakes to find he has lost his memory and the life of his only daughter. In order to bring her back to life, he tasks himself with growing new souls by raising homunculi as if they were his own children, then by killing those homunculi so that he might transfer some life back into the child that he lost.

In the gameplay trailer, provided below, we see how Faust must go around town to gather resources, perform odd jobs, and give the homunculi assignments so that they grow strong enough to be harvested.

My Lovely Daughter has already had a successful Steam Greenlight campaign, and it is now setting its sights on releasing for PC, Mac, and Linux later in 2017.

For the full gameplay trailer, you can watch the video provided below. For more information on My Lovely Daughter, you can visit the game’s dedicated webpage or its Steam page.

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