Mulaka Developer Discusses Monster Design; Release Window Narrowed to Early 2018

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With a flurry of news surrounding PlayStation Experience 2017, sometimes players miss out on the more niche topics or interesting panels from smaller teams. Lo and behold, this is just what we see with a video dev diary from the creators of the upcoming Mexican-themed action-adventure Mulaka.

In a video posted to PlayStation’s official YouTube page, various people on the Lienzo team offer their two cents in their inspirations for monster design, how it was impacted by Mexican culture, and how that is reflected in Mulaka. With the trailer starting off with a campfire story (with real-life actors) of a mountainous creature, we see a quick transition into that same character on the screen — as described.

From there, we are introduced to a whole host of beasts — corporal, corporal, and everything in between — in active combat. More importantly, we see a broad diversity of character designs, each sporting different color schemes, different attacks, and largely varied environments.

For those who may not remember, Mulaka was first revealed last April for PS4 and Xbox One, specifically targeting a Q4 2017 release date. However, the game won’t be hitting that release date. In August, it was revealed that the game would be heading to Nintendo Switch as well, and they would now be targeting sometime in 2018. According to this video, it now seems that the window has been narrowed down some more — this time aiming for Early 2018 (on PS4, at the very least).

As mentioned above, Lienzo’s Mulaka is currently slated for an Early 2018 release on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Check out the development diary below:

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