Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV’s New Infomercial Trailer is Hilarious & Amusing

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Square Enix has released a new trailer for its downloadable virtual reality title Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV, and unlike standard video game trailers, the publisher has decided to do this brief launch trailer as an entertaining infomercial video.

The less than two-minute-long trailer takes heavy inspiration from cheesy “As Seen on TV” commercials, and on top of that, the publisher has gone out of their way to provide viewers with a hilarious (and pun-filled) video description. The trailer also emphasizes the game’s most significant selling point: the fact that you can enjoy the activity without having to leave the comforts of your home.

By utilizing the PlayStation Move controllers as well as the VR headset, you can fish to your heart’s content: virtually of course. Indeed, this game is best enjoyed from the comfort of your couch without the hassle of bugs, expenses, and the outdoors, especially if you are a fan of Final Fantasy.

Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV allows players to join up with their favorite characters from Final Fantasy XV such as Noctis and Gladio, along with other characters from the most recent installment in the Final Fantasy series. Monster of the Deep serves as a branch of the fishing mini-game initially found in the base game, which allows you to catch large and frightening-looking fish while occasionally having you to perform relevant quests to earn rewards in-game.

Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV is now available exclusively for the PlayStation VR via the PlayStation Store. You can check out the launch trailer below and in case you missed it, you can check out our review of the game.

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