Monster Hunter World Will Have Regular Content Updates; Gets More Detail on Mega Man

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During the live programming form PlayStation Experience, Monster Hunter World Producer Ryozo Fujimoto and Director Kaname Fujioka gave more information on the upcoming game.

First of all, we hear about the Mega Man DLC announced yesterday, and the Director challenged the designers to recreate a 2D-like look for the character in the game. This isn’t limited to the character himself, but also extends to additional elements. For instance, when he drinks a potion it appears as an E Tank.

The content includes a special event quest, during which music from Mega Man will play depending on the weapon you use.

Fujimoto-san explained that with this new games the studio wanted to create a seamless blend of story and gameplay.

We also hear that it’s thanks to the power of the hardware that the team can create such detailed environments. Another important concept for the game is that each area has its own “rich feeling.” Not only they need to be unique, but the monsters also need to live in a realistic ecosystem within each environment.

Interestingly, we hear that Capcom plans to have regular updates to the game, which will add a lot more content after release. The plan is to have it run for a while.

If you have not started playing the beta yet, you can download the client on the North American and European PlayStation Store. You need to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber in order to be able to play. You can also check out our comparison between the three graphics mode on PS4 Pro.

Monster Hunter World will launch worldwide on January 26th, for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC version coming at a later date.

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