Monster Hunter World: New PS4 Beta, First Free DLC, New Gameplay, Bundles, and More Revealed

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Today, during the Monster Hunter World Winter livestream hosted by Capcom, we got to see quite a lot of new gameplay played directly by the developers and to hear a ton of news.

At the controls were Producer Ryozo Fujimoto, Executive Director and Art Director Kaname Fujioka and Co-Director Yuya Tokuda.

The first thing we get to see is the login bonus. The game will grant you items if you log in at least once in a day, to encourage players to check in often. Among the bonus items are lucky tickets, that can grand things like more rewards after quests. If you don’t log in every day you still won’t miss out up to a point. You can accumulate the bonuses for up to five days, and receive them all at once.

We also get to see the online lobbies, arm wrestling, and guild cards. After that, we move into a multiplayer quest. If a friend is in a different lobby it’s no problem: You can call them in from anywhere, and they’ll go back to the original lobby afterward.

A new beta test will be hosted on PS4  between January 19th and January 22nd starting at 11 AM Japan time. This time around, there will be a fourth quest on top of the two included in the first and second beta, and it will be a hunt against Nergigante. Like in the second beta, PlayStation Plus won’t be required, so everyone with a PS4 will be able to participate.

Two PS4 bundles have been announced for Japan, named “Starter Pack.” They include standard consoles in the usual Jet Black and Glacier White colors. Collectors will appreciate the fact that we’re also getting (just in Japan, at least for now) the controller of the Rathalos Edition PS4 Pro sold separately. It’ll cost 6,480 yen plus taxes, and it’ll be released on January 26th together with the game.

More news for Japan includes branded EPOS cards, branded Elcecom headsets (both monoaural and stereo), and a keyboard. Another collaboration comes with glasses by ALOOK.

A launch event will be held between January 22nd and January 28th in the Tokyo Subway in Shinjuku. A giant game package will also appear in Shibuya between January 26th and January 28th.  On top of that, a variety of livestreams and shows for Japan have been announced.

An e-sports tournament has also been revealed for Japan. It will be livestreamed and it will have only one category to elect the true Monster Hunter King.

Last, but definitely not least, we get to see a brief trailer of the first free update that will be released for the game in Spring 2018; It’ll bring another well-known monster: Deviljho.

You can watch the new gameplay and the slides about all the news below, alongside the recording of the full livestream.

If you want to see more of Monster Hunter World, you can check out a trailer showcased earlier today (in English and in Japanese), and a funny commercial from Sony.

The game will release worldwide on January 26th, for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC version coming this fall.

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