Monster Hunter World Gets New Screenshots Showing Housing, Training Area and More

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Today Capcom released a new batch of screenshots of the upcoming mainline Monster Hunter game Monster Hunter World.

The screenshots showcase a few facilities that we’ll find in the hub city Astrea within the game’s world.

First of all, we find the Botanical Research Center, where we’ll be able to grow plants, insects, and mushrooms that can be used for crafting. By using fertilizer that can be paid with point acquired by completing quests, we can increase the yield. It will require some time for the product to be ready for harvesting, and more units continue to accumulate until the box is full.

The Maka Alchemy facility lets us alter items by spending points acquired by completing missions and materials. It also allows affixing skills to equipment and ornaments.

The house lets players manage the palico companion and access the item chest. It will evolve according to story progression, raising in rank. It’s also possible to capture various kinds of organisms in the world and release them in the house, where they will interact with each other. Their number and variety will increase with the rank of the house. Various other services will also become available according to the house’s rank.

From their house, players will be able to access the training area, where they will be able to test out all the weapons in game. You can attack various targets and learn combos with ease.

You can check out the screenshots below. If you want to see more yu can also check out quite a fewe recent videos, more gameplay, the trailer that revealed the Rotten Vale area, the reveal of the crossover with Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawnmy own recording of a quest I played at Tokyo Game Show, more stage shows from Capcom featuring character creation and a lot more, and the charming PS4 Pro “Rathalos Edition.” On top of all these goodies, you should also read our recent hands-on preview.

The game will release worldwide on January 26th, for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC version coming at a later date.

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