Monster Hunter World Gets New 1080p Screenshots Showing Major NPCs

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Today Capcom released a brand new batch of screenshots of the new mainline Monster Hunter game Monster Hunter World.

This time around we get to see the characters that were sent to colonize the new continent in five subsequent phases. The first phase was made of individuals of extremely high talent, including the Commander, who is the one taking care of the strategy.

The Sword Master is an old hunter very fond of his old longsword. He has the best skills with weapons of the whole group. The reason why he sticks to antiquated equipment is that he doesn’t understand modern contraptions.

The Field Master is a talented explorer that establishment the system that pairs hunters and palicoes. She is talented in natural science, and after years of scouting, she has a strong grasp of the local ecology.

The Chef was originally a palico buddy, but he retired and started to cook for the hunters. Now he owns the restaurant in Astrea.

The Wyverian Hunter is the only wyverian in the investigation team sent with the first phase. He combines the sensibility typical of wyverians with the experience of a hunter. He is currently missing after departing for an investigation.

The second phase was made mostly of crafters and engineers and includes the Second Phase Master, leader of a group of smiths dedicated to creating the equipment for the hunters.,

The third phase was composed mainly of scholars, and its leader is an eccentric genius. Those scientists continue their experiments in the research center.

The fourth phase was sent to expand the exploration force, and it includes many hunters and individuals with management abilities, with a good balance between youth and experience.

The fifth and last phase was sent during the migration of Zorah Magdaros, and is made mainly of hunters, among them are the players.

You can check all of the screenshots below.

If you want to see more of the game, you can also check out our comparison between the three graphics mode on PS4 Pro, and read about the updates planned by Capcom after the game’s release.

Monster Hunter World will release worldwide on January 26th, for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC version coming at a later date.

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