Monster Hunter World for PS4 Hindered Monster Hunter XX Sales on Switch According to Media Create

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The Nintendo Switch is doing really well in Japan, but there is one aspect that has proven disappointing according to Media Create, that released its weekly analysis today. Monster Hunter XX had a slow debut on the console.

Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver. debuted with 84,277 copies sold in the week between August 21st and August 27th. Media Create defines it a slow start.

According to the firm, only 48.95% of the initial shipment from capcom was sold, which is rather low. This is lower than the initial sales of the previous hd remaster for Wii U (106,000 copies) in 2010. Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate also sold 69.82% of the initial shipment, which is a whopping 21% more.

Debut sales on Switch are about 10% of the debut sales of Monster Hunter XX on 3DS (848,000 copies), while Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate for Wii U debuted with 20% of the initial sales of the original game on 3DS (522,000 units).

Media Create mentions that while Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate was a Wii U launch title and released close to the year end shopping season, Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver.‘s debut is considered “dull.” According to the firm, information on Monster Hunter World for PS4 was announced just before the game’s release, and it’s believed that a number of users are waiting for that.

It’s worth mentioning that Monster Hunter World will be PS4 exclusive in Japan, while it will launch on Xbox One and PC as well in the west. If you want to see more about the game, you can check out our gameplay and impressions from Gamescom, where it won our top honor, the reader-voted Game of the Show Award.

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