Monster Hunter World Commercial by Sony Taiwan Is Pretty Cool

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The Asian branches of Sony Interactive Entertainment are always good at creating rather engaging commercials, ranging from epic to funny.

Today, PlayStation Taiwan came up with its own for Monster Hunter World, and it’s quite cool. No knowledge of Chinese is necessary, as the actors don’t “speak” besides singing the typical Monster Hunter fanfare.

The trailer show an army of gamers gathering with their DualShock 4s, and ends with the “We All Play” slogan, which is the one used locally by Sony Interactive Entertainment as the focus of their advertising.

If you prefer funnier ads, you can check out those by the Japanese branch of Sony, in which Densha Otoko star and well-known nerd  Takayuki Yamada coerces his younger colleagues to spend their Otoshidama money to purchase the game, and then starts imitating the game’s monsters until he ends captured into a net.

If you want to learn more about Monster Hunter World, you can check out our review. It’s currently available for PS4 and Xbox One, and it’ll come to PC in the fall. We also just learned that the game topped the Japanese PSN chart, after obliterating the Media Create ranking for retail sales in the country earlier this week, and selling five million copies at retail in three days.

It’s also the main Monster Hunter release with the highest attach rate in Japan of the history of the series.

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