Monster Hunter Stories Gets a Gameplay Overview Trailer Just Before Launch

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Nintendo and Capcom released a new trailer today for their 3DS exclusive RPG Monster Hunter Stories that gives an overview of the gameplay. This trailer comes just a day before the game’s release on September 8, which was announced last month. The western release of Monster Hunter Stories comes about 11 months after its release Japan last October.

In Monster Hunter Stories has players follow the escapades of a monster Rider rather than the titular monster Hunter in turn based battles. Players can  collect eggs from monster nests, and get hints of what they might be from their companion. Players will also have to fight monsters along the way. There are three basic attack types in Monster Hunter Stories: Power, Speed, and Tech. Players must be able to anticipate what a monster’s upcoming attack may be, and choose an effective attack to counter it.

If the player is able to match their attack type with their monster’s they can preform a double attack that deals more damage and fills one’s Kinship gauge. When that meter is full, players can activate Ride On. With Ride On, players have the ability to pull off powerful Kinship Skills.

In towns, players can talk to a feline to hatch their eggs. Each monster has unique genes that give them different skills, though genes can be transferred between two monsters through the rite of channeling. New armor and weapons can also be crafted here.

You can check out the new gameplay overview trailer below. Monster Hunter Stories will launch exclusively on Nintendo 3DS September 8.

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