Mobius Final Fantasy Crossover to Feature Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Cloud; Holiday Event Announced

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Mobius Final Fantasy has been the source of many crossover events since the game’s release, but today’s announcement may be one of the most exciting, especially for gamers who have been mentally preparing for Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Beginning on December 2, and continuing through the month of December, players will be treated to a slew of new content in Mobius Final Fantasy, including the introduction of Final Fantasy VII Remake‘s Cloud through a new Event Stage titled “Eclipse Contact.” The new stage will feature exclusive story content in which the Warrior of Light accompanies the iconic soldier through a Mako reactor.

As part of this crossover, Cloud Strife will also become a new Ultimate Hero, joining ranks with Final Fantasy XIII‘s Lightning in the role of a powerful new job card. A trailer showcasing Cloud’s abilities can be found at the bottom of this article.

In addition to the Final Fantasy VII Remake crossover content, Mobius Final Fantasy will also be receiving a few holiday events, including the Year-End Greater Summon Festival, which will offer re-released cards from the previous FFVII collaboration, as well as certain guaranteed Legend Job Greater Summons to be offered throughout the month.

There will also be a new area releasing this month to offer newcomers a place for expanded tutorials on the game’s basic mechanics. Players who take advantage of this area will receive the Warrior, Mage, and Ranger job cards for free.

Lastly, a combined prize tier system will go into effect between December 2 and December 20. Depending on the number of new and returning Mobius Final Fantasy players during that time, all players will be eligible for earning free summons. For more information on the prize tiers, you can visit the holiday events page.

Mobius Final Fantasy is becoming known for crossover events such as this one. Previously, it has had crossovers with Final Fantasy X/X-2 and Final Fantasy XIII just to name two. It’s not uncommon for games in which Executive Producer Yoshinori Kitase has been involved to enjoy these crossovers, and that is no different for Final Fantasy VII Remake, for which he is also a producer. Recently, we had the opportunity to speak with Kitase-san about the future of Mobius Final Fantasy, as well as the future of the mobile gaming market.

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