MMORPG VR Title OrbusVR Gets an Early Access Release Date

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Many fans of virtual reality and MMORPGs have patiently waited for a developer to create a game exclusive to virtual reality headsets. This week, independent developer Orbus Online, LLC has announced its VR title OrbusVR will drop at the end of this year.

According to the developer, OrbusVR will officially launch on Friday, December 15 as a Steam Early Access title. OrbusVR is defined by the developers as the first fully-realized room-scale MMORPG exclusive to virtual reality headsets. Development of the game focused on a vast open world featuring hours of gameplay content, an appealing storyline and likable characters, as well as social features allowing you to interact with other players in-game. Since its successful Kickstarter campaign, the title’s developers have been working closely with the community on providing an adequate title.

One of the most significant features in OrbusVR is the “Buy Once, Play Forever” feature; unlike other titles in its genre, OrbusVR will not require a monthly paid subscription fee. On top of that, the developers stated that would not include any “pay to win” content or loot boxes. However, the option to implement an in-game cosmetics shop has not been entirely ruled out, but the developer has promised that none of the in-game items purchased will offer any advantages to gameplay.

Currently, no purchase price has been announced by the developer. However, it has been confirmed that OrbusVR will be available on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality.

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