Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Gets Friend or Foe Teaser Trailer

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While Middle-Earth: Shadow of War draws closer every day, it’s no surprise that in the lead up to the game’s release that more and more trailers will be unveiled to get players excited. Today, the people behind the game released a brand-new teaser trailer for the upcoming trailer titled “Friend or Foe.” The 30-second-long teaser is just a glimpse at what we’ll be watching come September 18, and one of many trailers to be released on the march to the game’s release on October 10.

You can check out the teaser trailer below.

The trailer begins with an beautiful look at a Fortress, one of the many new features of the game, in all its war-torn glory. The trailer then seamlessly shifts between CGI and live action as the walls to the fortress are breached: “Fortresses will fall. Powers will rise.” What follows is a battle of Helm’s Deep proportions as the player is forced to make decisions, not only in the way they choose to fight but also in whether or not to save a loyal follower, or to dispatch a specific enemy. Honestly, the orc who’s begging you to save him is cute and is my clear choice, because the game reminds you that “Nothing will be forgotten.”

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War releases on October 10 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You will be able to watch the “Friend or Foe” trailer in its entirety on September 18. You can check out some of the game’s most recent gameplay, including Infiltration and Orc Pitfights here. You can also read up on Warner Bros. decision to make the DLC that is dedicated to a late developer free here.

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