Midair Strafes onto Steam Early Access with a New Trailer

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If you’re a fan of games like Tribes: Ascend or other fast-paced multiplayer shooters than Archetype Studios’ Midair might just be a game that’ll interest you.

The game came to Steam Early Access yesterday and the team has released a new trailer to celebrate. It originally started off on Kickstarter and accumulated a little less than $150,000 in contributions, way above its initial goal of $100,000.

Midair is a jetpack shooter where you’ll have to build defenses and use movement to quickly outmaneuver your enemies. It’ll include game modes like Capture the Flag, Arena, and Rabbit, a mode where one player grabs a flag and every other player tries to kill them. Other modes will be added later on.

You’ll be placed on various different worlds ranging from lush grasslands, deserts, tundras, and more. The development team plans on adding a community map-making system that’ll make it easier for players to share and play custom maps. On top of all that Midair will include dedicated servers, achievements, and heavy data driven stats that’ll make sure no role on a team goes unchecked.

If you want to try out Midair for yourself, you can check out the game’s Early Access page right here, it’s currently available exclusively on PC. Midair will be free-to-play title once it fully launches.

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